Borouj Consulting is a GCC-based reputation management and integrated communication agency. Public relations is at the core of what we do. Content development is our forte.

Borouj Consulting is a wholly-owned, independent reputation management and integrated communications consultancy. It is based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. We service clients in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. Borouj is part of the Global Communication Partners (GCP) network.

Our public relations activities service the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market. We deliver integrated communication campaigns across various industry sectors.

Insights Ideas Influence Impact

Our ideas and client counselling are based on deep insights. We put them to work to drive high value business impact for clients and their brands, through positive influence. Managing reputations is at the core of what we do: promote and protect.

Borouj has many decades of multi-national and regional experience. We operate in the Middle East and have partners worldwide through Global Communication Partners (GCP) network. Our team is equipped with strong international agency skills and deep understanding of local culture. We offer real value through strategic knowledge and understanding of both the Arab and international business landscapes. We have rich insights to the Arab region. We make your content relevant.

Our ideas and client counselling are based on these deep insights.

Insight, coupled with creative ideas, form the basis of effective public relations and communication campaigns that can influence customers’ behaviour and create a positive impact on your brand and your business in general.

Influence - Effective Engagement of clients’ audiences

Borouj Consulting helps clients engage effectively with stakeholders in a vibrant, rich, diverse and complex marketplace.

Uniquely Yours

Like many markets, the Middle East is unlike any other around the world.

Its unique characteristics and its cultural and political nuances mean that communicating with your stakeholders needs to be supported by deep understanding of the landscape. Its vibrant culture, rich diversity and strategic position which links together three continents that host 87% of the world’s population, make it an exceptional and complex area. Borouj helps international and regional corporations engage with their stakeholders to positively impact their businesses in the region. We give clients the right advice based on profound knowledge and unique insight to help them make sound business decisions.

Our simple, inspiring ideas based on insights help clients create strategic public relations campaigns that resonate with their stakeholders. Our integrated campaigns bring your customers closer to, and deepens their connection with, your brand.